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To enhance your experience and ensure wedding planning fares smoothly, here are a few tips to ensure your wedding photographer has everything they need to capture your special day.


Take the time to drop your wedding photographer an email outlining the progress of events before the timeline is finalized. Sharing special details, decor designs, and asking for feedback regarding the layout of the day is worth its weight in gold. Don't hesitate to be proactive with your questions to ensure everyone is on the same page.


If a photographer gets the timeline a few days before the wedding, it can lead to frustration on both sides. Feel free to ask your photographer how long they will need for photos and together you can draft a timeline that balances the portraits and the partying. As soon as a rough draft is composed, send it to the photographer for feedback and valuable insight.


As idyllic as every photo you've pinned in Pinterest appears, the key is to trust that your wedding photographer will document your wedding day in the most flattering way. Sure you might have seen this pose or that angle, but give your wedding photographer the freedom to create unique moments of your day. The more you release the idea of predetermined photographs, the more your photos look and feel entirely your own.


It's important to realize that things will go wrong on a wedding day. They always do. The limo is late, the flower girl lost her right shoe, the florist ordered pink flowers instead of white, the officiant got stuck in traffic. You can choose to let these things ruin your day (and your photos... brides who are angry look angry in their photographs, even if they are trying to smile), or you can choose to believe the wedding will ultimately end well. Because wedding days always do if you let them!


not only because of the image, but the story behind it. This wedding took place in the summer, the day after Michigan was hit hard with a severe storm. The day of the wedding, however, was absolutely beautiful. You couldn't ask for better weather on a summer wedding day. Later that day, we were surprised to find out that the reception had lost power because of the storms. The reception was unable to restore the power in time before guests would arrive and had to continue on with no power! That didn't stop this awesome bride and groom from enjoying their wedding day! We opened up some doors, lit candles, and set up extra flashes! A candle lit reception was even more romantic than what was planned for the evening! When it came time to cut the cake, I encouraged all the guests to help light the shot with their cell phones! The above shot, completely lit by cell phones, captured such an incredible moment in time, one that I'll never forget! It speaks volumes of what's most important in life: love, friendship, and family! 

- Brandon

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